About Abi

Abi comes from a family of international early music musicians and educationalists. She has continued both these strands in her professional life.

As a child she was surrounded with music like a second  language which she absorbed whilst helping her parents run the Early Music Centre in London in the 70’s. She believes  this early unconscious learning of musicality by osmosis, is the reason for her ability to both song-write /perform with a natural fluidity  and teach in a way that is child  centred and joyful, whilst drawing on her music  teacher training in the Kodaly method.

She is a unique person -centred teacher and song writer drawing on her unusual background. Her songs are from the heart, a fusion of old, new, global,  topical and spiritual  There is an ethereal, timeless  yet human realness to her songs that have caught the interest of a number of music professionals: (Eve Williams- singer songwriter, Mick Glossop-producer to Van Morrison, Dame Emma Kirkby, Anthony Rooley- her father,Larry Hurley-music manager, Jeff Dawson- Canadian based producer). Her approach has also allowed her to win a couple of semi finalists and finalist places in international music competitions.

Her single “Phoenix” and EP “Azure Blue” are due to be released later this year.

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