Karuna released two new singles in April 2022: “Tipping Point ” and “Shape of Water”. They have been getting lovely reviews. They are on the Youtube channel below.

Youtube for Tipping Point

Youtube for Shape of Water

Tipping Point on Spotify

Shape of Water on Spotify

Tipping Point on I tunes

Shape of Water on I tunes

Shape of water on Apple Music

Tipping Point on Apple Music

For other snippets and an unreleased song in rehearsal: :


Our single , Heartsease is now on Bandcamp and Spotify. Two new singles are there now too, Tipping Point and Shape of Water.

My new single with my new band – Karuna, is out as a fundraiser. It is called heartsease and is a fundraiser for Medicine Sans Frontieres to help the most vulnerable effected by Covid. Please go to this link to listen :

YuniI have just released my debut ep on Bandcamp. It has been described as ” Ethereal, haunting and unique”. Here are the details: (first page, four up from the bottom)

by Abi
4 tracks, 16 minutes
released 28 August 2019
tags: Folk, United Kingdom, Acoustic, singer-songwriter

Here is my song- recorded in a garden shed- that was a global finalist in a humanitarian arts competition run by WCA. It was inspired by the child refugee’s from Syria.

When a Child Stands Alone

Here is a song about the different faces/aspects of love . It was inspired by the chivalric storytelling songs of the medieval troubadours. Again, recorded in a garden shed!

My Ep is no longer commercially available, but will be released in another format.

Here is one of the songs from the ep- Phoenix- on Youtube

And an accapella home concert during lockdown:

And a second one:

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