A Singer / Songwriter


Abi started song writing in her forties, and as such there is a maturity to her subject matter ranging from the refugee crisis, anti war songs, songs of nature, the human heart and spirt , and human evolution.

Drawing on her eclectic background Abi looks at song writing in a unique shamanistic way. Each song has a distinct reason for being- a soul quality or emotional colour that is delivered through the lyrics, choice of melody and instrumentation. Abi often seeks out a hybrid between old, new and global in her instrumentation creating  an unusual hybrid that tells a timeless, global tale that is  yet totally relevant to people today. Early music instruments can be heard alongside global instruments and modern instruments. Her lyrics and the poetry   create  the  central  meaning upon which the song is hinged.

Abi has performed at a number of community concerts in North east Scotland, Culture day with Findhorn Bay Arts, charity gigs and local festivals and folk clubs, and been a semi finalist and finalist in two international music competitions.

Her debut ep “Azure Blue” will be released later the year.Phoenix available on Youtube from 24th feb.

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