Karuna Band

Karuna is the name of my new band! Karuna is Sanskrit for Compassion and this ethos and feeling is how we aspire to work and the quality that is conveyed in  some of the appropriate songs.

It is a band formed around the nucleus of my songs. It is an exciting collaboration between myself, the singer – songwriter  and Tamsin Lewis, violinist  ( Director of Passamezzo) and Arngeir Haukkson ( guitarist, lutenist, plucked instrumentalist extraordinaire.)

Together we create a fusion feel between early music, folk with an occasional hint of jazz, world or electronic depending on the feel of the song. The songs are built around the storytelling poetry of the lyrics and aim to create sound worlds that are distinct for each song. Some are humanitarian or spiritual in focus but some are not- subject matter is as varied as life.

Our pioneering debut is a fundraising song- “Heartsease”  (Prayer Flag song) collaborated on  and recorded in lockdown and mixed by a friendly, interested sound designer/mixing engineer who added a twist of additional sound.

More details about it and why it is a “prayer flag song” coming soon.

If you wish to contact me or any of the band please fill in the contact form on this website.


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