Skyland is the “Scottish” song on my forthcoming e.p “Azure Blue”. It was inspired by reading Juliet Marillier’s Scottish  novels which are set up  somewhere near me, in Scotland. I looked more deeply into Celtic beliefs and was struck how the idea of living in balance, listening to our own wise whispers of how to live in this way and  how to live lightly on this earth are so relevant to today. So, this song was drawn from that ….and the Celtic idea that there are guardian spirits that can send us inspiration.

So, it’s about being inspired to go forward into the unknown drawing from ancient patterns, and our own inner wisdom that can  lead us into new things and engage fully and beautifully with life. Also, very relevant for me as my own song writing journey unfurls through inner listening and creativity.

So, why “Skyland”….here is simply a land of sea and sky and the wondrous alchemy that occurs at that meeting point on the northern shores of this land. The skies are so beautiful that they look like celestial kingdoms “Skyland”.

it is reminiscent of a Scottish  folk Aire, and is accompanied by an acoustic guitar and the fiddle. The fiddle gives the song a lovely airy feel of spacious hills and skies.

it is above all a positive song inspired by the beauty and wisdom that lives in the Scottish land and skies.

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