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Today I did a radio show for Paradigms, presented by the gentle and thoughtful Baruch Zeichner, in preparation for the release of my single ” Phoenix”. Paradigms radio show encourages humanity to be thoughtful and be inspired. This , in essence , is also the message behind my song Phoenix.

The instrumentation, is shifting, ethereal,  searching……reflecting our human journey and our quest for something finer and more evolved. The lyrics and melody line are both poetic and alchemical with echoes of otherworldliness.

As an artist I wanted to portray  human-ness  alongside the  metaphysical and a sense of our collective journey. Each of us leads profoundly different yet similar lives. Our stories are different but our wishes are the same.

I hope this song resonates with YOUR human journey. This new song writing journey begins here for me. I mark its beginning with Gratitude for all those who been part of its dreaming into being. Thank-you.




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