An Accidental Songwriter, Moors, Music and Meditation. Why the world is angry, and what do we do about it?

 The world seems to be like an out of control juggernaut, lost in patterns of confusion, blindness and greed. Climate change has us hovering on the brink of chaos, Brexit is a myopic mess and population across the world has doubled in the last fifty years, all of this putting untold pressure on systems- ecological, sociological and political that are already stressed and stretched. So, I believe it is time for us, individually and collectively to stand still , take a deep breath and adopt a fresh vision and thinking patterns.

Dreaming at a time like this serves an important function. Martin Luther King “ had a dream”….. that dream was that black and white children could play together, without prejudice or difficulty. At that time that dream seemed almost impossible-but slowly, slowly this dream has become a reality. It was a realistic  dream that still had to overcome  obstacles and challenges but, in time, was achievable. So, we need realistic positive dreams. I invite you to think what those dreams could be……in all areas and ways of thinking we need radical change. As Einstein said we do not come to solutions through the same thinking that created the problem in the first place.

Dreaming is also a state  when we draw down hope, positivity, creativity and potentiality. It is a creative inner process that is private and magical. The same process that songwriters, artists, and  poets use to step into the flow of their creating process. We all can do it- but we have to let go of concrete, linear, functional thought which the west so excels in. This latter kind of thinking is part of the problem. It is a good servant- in getting things done- but a bad master. Dreaming allows us to explore a shape shifting world of what could become. It is thought filled with awe and  possibility. Thought precedes intention and action, so dreaming things into being is a space where we could draw down a better tomorrow, form it and fashion it before we act in physical reality.

 By sharing our potential and realistic dreams – a different kind of magic occurs. There is great and beautiful power in togetherness as the dream of Martin Luther King showed as it become a collective dream that became the zeitgeist for that time. I think David Attenborough has a  dream of getting us to wake up, feel awe, love our world and understand the cause and effects that create our world and how our actions have far reaching effects. His programmes have kick started a change in consciousness around plastic and hopefully, too, around climate change and the potential extinction of species.

Sometimes we can think there is little we can do- but we are all ultimately private individuals, so were/are Martin Luther King and David Attenborough too… change can begin with a whisper, a murmur and grow and grow. So, I am going to share with you my dream and what I am doing with it- in a simple and humble way. 

My dream is that for positive change to happen we need  to wake up to just one thing. This positive change would cause wars to stop, capitalistic greed and unfairness to be modified and for the world ecological systems to be treated with reverence and balance. So, what is this one thing?

It is a deep and profound understanding that we are all an equal, valid and beautiful part of life. Because we are all equal and we are all part of the energy and function of life, we all effect each other. We don’t seem to see that we are all interconnected, that one piece of life depends on the health and balance of another piece of life. When we look at each other we create divisions- rich, poor, beautiful, ugly, talented , stupid, black, white etc. And when we interact with the world-  we think about what can we consume and take rather than how can we create a dance of taking and giving, of balance between us and this beautiful home we all live in.

We could look at humanity instead as the grains of sand on a beach. Each one is unique, each is part of the whole. Each is valid- but none more important than another. This is a different approach to the cult of the individual and to  a newtonian principle that fragments the world, or to a capitalistic paradigm that creates huge imbalance between rich and poor. We all are part of life, we live in a world that we are part of and effect. We effect each other through our actions and emotions- in big ways and little ways. In a sense we need to turn our thinking on it’s head. Instead of looking at number one (self) we need to first look at the whole. How do we serve the needs of the whole whilst balancing the needs of the self? Ironically, I believe that this shift in thinking would create a happier and more functioning”self`’. Self, other and the world are of equal value and importance. All is precious and part of the wonder and uniqueness of life. Each life is unique, as is  each flower, blade of grass or mountain. In buddhism there are meditations on a state of mind that is called “Equanimity”. This is a deep and profound realisation of the above. I  think this might be a bit of a tall order for us all to reach this. But, a different kind of approach, a different education system, a different political and sociological approach could start this process. Like Martin Luther King’s dream, there would be many obstacles. But, surely we can all wake up to a shift in thinking- we are ALL part of life and ALL of equal preciousness and importance?

So, what am I doing about my “world  dream”- in my simple, small self individual way? I have chosen teaching and song writing/singing/writing  as my modalities for work. These are where my gifts lie. When I teach I consciously treat everyone the same, see the uniqueness and preciousness of that child or adult  and draw out their skills. I try to teach with love and equanimity. My songs come from the point of wanting to touch other’s hearts- to help them see beauty, create positive change, grow a little. I believe music is one of the most powerful art forms. It combines words, images, the emotional landscape of sound and melody and is a genre that we all access and are effected by. Therefore songwriting could be a powerful vehicle for being a positive catalyst in the world. Teaching/education  is similar, one consciously is creating the adults of tomorrow. So, to give skill, confidence, creativity, concentration and achievement are powerful tools for inspiring a growing being. My blogs too- are a platform for my work and thoughts. 

So, go into dream time…..have awe, wonder, a change of perspective. Share your  dream, in little ways. Together, all these dreams will enmesh in a changing world that could grow in positivity, adaptability, generosity and light. It would be a more adaptable, healthy world where life was more balanced. Dream on….I am part of you, and you are part of me…..for we are all…..simply Life. Together we make life what it is, could be and can be.

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