An Accidental Songwriter and Moors, Music and Meditation. ” Tethered Wings”.

Being an artist/writer/songwriter/musician has probably never been easy. Artistry is not accountable, empirical or of obvious functionality. It is therefore a rat race of funding for those involved- particularly the first timers. But, artistry of all kinds is what we give value to, what we remember down the ages of man, what stirs our hearts and makes us reflect and show our humanity.

Today, after some stalling news that means my  artistic growth is stilled, I give you this poem. It is probably the inner experience of many an artist from all mediums….

Tethered Wings

Who am I to fly so high?

With iridescent wings of hope

To dance in the sunlight air

Joyfully partaking of all that is fair


All that is fair, and sweet, seen and unseen

Touched by life ephemeral magic hand.

A touch of wonder and humming wings

To glisten and dance on fragile hope

Life’s glory held in one strand of sun

A moments synchronicity of thrumming hope


Who am I to fly so high?

I plod with earthy feet

Graced with gifts and no ways to give

Doors remain locked and fast.

My butterfly wings- lie trembling still,

Tethering to the ground.

The winds an onslaught of howling might

How can I start my flight?


How can I start my flight?

I do not know- is where I stand.

Having called down my coloured wings

I have tried to circle and find my way.

So, now, I have to wait for life to lift me up

Whilst tethered to the ground

Hoping my colours do not pass me by

Hoping to use wings of iridescent hope.


And, if the winds of life scowl by

What then, for one such as me?

What then, what then, for one such as me?

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