An Accidental songwriter, and Moors, Music and meditation. A song of loss” Shadow Void.”

One can not claim to be a song writer without writing a song about loss! This song was inspired by a story from folklore in which the two protagonists experienced endless separation and loss. They kind of had an archetypal journey in which the harrowing quality of grief scoured them out and finally taught them soul strength. To love is to be human and when that love becomes empty or is spurned or not allowed, we feel the pain of it like a shadow, an ache or a void. I therefore have created the feeling metaphor of “Shadow Void’ to express the colour and depth of loss in our hearts. I have placed it in the first person as it is so much more powerful that way. I have given the loved one a totemic character of an osprey as it felt more powerful and shamanic. I also use the tarot images of a knave and an empress to show the protagonists journey from smallness to maturity and mastery.

There is very much a feeling of sky and birds in flight, disappearing into unknown horizons. I even imagine the sound of swans wings as part of the sound world. The song is for guitar and violin and the violin would come in as the Osprey leaves representing him disappearing in an arc of loss and grief. The song does come to resolution and self mastery as the main protagonist realises that the relationship with another is part of a journey to self mastery. I use the metaphor of singing into one’s strength- as for me – this is where I find my strength and authenticity . It is in E minor and could also have a touch of aching, subtle sound design. It needs to be a modern folk song with some angularity in it’s chord sequence expressing the pointy quality of loss.

So, here is my loss song…… I hope I have captured this archetypal and collective emotion that is intrinsic to our human experience.


Shadow Void

The beat of empty wings

No returning flight

Shadow void left by you

Shadow, shadow, shadow void.


Shadow void fills my heart

It beats in useless sentiment

A useless, fragile sentiment

Shadow, shadow, shadow void.


I’ll miss the keenness of your gaze

The sweet protection of your wings

Osprey gone in mystery flight

You, my eternal enigma

Repeat refrain

I am met by silence

The silence of uncertainty

Why we’re drawn

And why we meld

An energy unknown

Shadow, shadow, shadow void.

Repeat refrain and then instruments move us into the major key


I will hold my journey

And sing the steps I take

And walk from Knave to Empress

To make my own emboldened flight.

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