An Accidental Songwriter and Moors, Music and Meditation.” Sovereignity and feeling our power.”

The Queen dying has been a cultural end of an era. I am not a monarchist but have nothing against the Queen as a person. However, such a moment has left me considering the Celtic notion of personal sovereignty and power as these are useful subjects for each of us to consider.

In the ancient Celtic world “sovereignty” was not a notion that was only relevant for monarchs but for each of us. It is the birth given right for each of us to be our own story tellers and directors of our lives. It calls upon each of us to stand and witness our own responsibilities, power, decision making and be accountable for our own actions . Ultimately it is a totally empowering concept calling upon us to grow into wisdom, strength, thoughtfulness, accountability and fairness in word, action or deed.

Totally awesome. I think it is about being a true” grown up”, who has a broad lens and understands cause and effect, the power of right action and kindness. There is no giving over of power here to anyone else. If we were brought up to think like this and encouraged in education through philosophical debate and inquiry to step continually into our evolving sovereignty then our society would be in quite a different place. I think we would not have the huge disparity between rich and poor, there would be less crime, women would be empowered and a sense of justice would reign in sovereign collective splendour. We would be diplomatic with each other and there would be swift and considered ways for resolving conflict.

Perhaps this is naive of me but we can all become our Sovereign selves . We don’t need a figurehead to do this ; we can grow up and do this for ourselves! It has made me wonder what would the aspects of sovereignty look like in my own small life. I am sometimes a people pleaser who also is far too swayed by the opinions of others. Standing in my sovereignty, I would know when to feel my own power and worth and not be blown balloon like by the views of others. There would be a firm pillar like stability to my inner world.

Probably each of us would have different aspects to develop into our sovereign selves; for some it might be thoughtfulness or justice. We are a all different and our challenges and mind sets are all different in their strengths and weaknesses.

This also led me to muse on the subject of Power. I don’t mean power in a sense of dominion over others( that is not real power but an abuse of energy between people). When do I stand in my power and does it make a difference to my reality when I am in this state?

Power, in this context means standing strong with life flowing in a positive way through and around you, believing in your talents and skills and using them effectively in the world. When one is in one’s power the world simply works better for you. Things go well, people are attracted to your ideas and concrete reality is less bumpy! A kind of magic flows – but only when one is not standing in attachment to those external things. In a sense Power is being your best centred self and letting life flow with that, however it externally manifests.

I decided to do a personal experiment and notice when I stand in my power and when I stand in my small worm self!! I can stand in my power with a sense of strength and centred calm, I see the bigger picture and act/speak with considered kindness. Practically I am in my power when: I teach, I meditate, I songwrite in the kitchen, when I help a friend or family member and when I do my fitness or meditation.

I lose my power when I care what others think of me, when I struggle with I.T, when I think about my uncertain work future, when I feel people don’t get me or dislike me. Then, I stand in my small worm self…..!

There is a very different feeling to these two qualitative experiences. Being in my power feels strong, chi-full, calm and right. Being the small self feels diminished, unconnected, myopic and a bit lost.

It therefore makes sense to notice and grow the former as this is clearly a better way to live and feel into my life.

Power and sovereignty therefore go hand in hand. In our culture we have externalised it and taken it away from ourselves. We give our power away to hierarchy, corporations and figure heads. It is far braver to step maturely into these qualities ourselves. We do not a sovereign on a coin but in our own hearts and we give power away at our peril as this allows for the wrong kind of conqueroring and aggrandising power to come into being.

Power means realising the interconnection between things and trying always to be brave and courageous even if it takes us to uncomfortable places. It means loving until it hurts, standing at the helm of life as the storms blasts by, being considered and choosing what is right. Power means putting the good for all above the small self. It is not an easy suit to put on. it means riding the waves of life in a very conscious way.

A while ago I write a song about being a strong evolved woman. I did not use the words sovereign or power but the essence is similar, so I leave you with the words of this song as it is about cultivating these strong ,strong and servant leadership qualities within and being able to flow wisely with the river of life:

The River and the Warrioress


I am the river

I am the warrioress

I dance with the flow of now

I step to the dance of becoming

Listening, watching, eager, dissolving

Awareness of each beat, beat, beat.


The warrioress in life

Flows with the patterns

adjusting her dance and her feet

Rooted to earth, she’ll sing to the moon

and fashion fire with her speech.

Repeat refrain


We are the river

eternal and luminescent flow

wild and unnamable, hypnotic and soothing

A journey to shock and surprise

Delighting and scouring each beat.

Repeat refrain


We are the river, we are the Warrioress

We stand with backs firm on our feet.

Our gaze will quest and grow with life’s unpredictable flow

And our hearts will love, wild, fierce, true

Our hearts will love wild, fierce and true.

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