An Accidental Songwriter and Moors, Music and Meditation. ” For those who feel marginalised by life right now.”

Some of us, more than others, find it hard to forge a successful path in life. That conundrum has only deepened and been emphasised by current national and global trends. I have written this song, which is deeply personal, but will probably resonate with many folks. I will let the lyrics speak for themselves:

I Am More

Verse 1

I am more than the mother whose always there

I am more

than the teacher who guides

and I’m more

than the carer who helps the dying

I am a being of creative flight.


Society holds no spaces

for those who sing a different tune

There are only the spaces to walk straight lines

Others are left to float in between

We are the stars without a firmament

The walkers without a path.

Verse 2

Hope dissolving

a droplet of water, descending over time

Hope dissolving

fading my effervescent butterfly wings

For butterflies diminish over time, over time.


Verse 3

Mine is the realisation

That success comes in Tiny things

Mine is the realisation

That joy is a small pearl of a thing

Mine is the realisation

that I am left to only polish my light, polish my light, polish my light.

The melody is still bubbling and loose but has a “Je ne regrette rien” feel to it…….

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